Thursday, January 15, 2009

Makeout in Omaha!

(These headlines just write themselves.)

More good news: Makeout Creek can be found at Bellwether Boutique in Omaha, NE, a lovely store run by the lovely Jessica Latham. They have a very nice website, much nicer than the picture above, which, frankly, I just ripped off from Google Maps. In fact, I'm not sure what I'm looking at in this picture, as I've never been to Omaha, NE, but Google Maps assures me this is South 12th Street and generally in the right area for Bellwether. Whose address, b-t-dubs, is 430 S 12th in the "old market, lower level." So! Nebraskans! Go there, look at some art, buy some kick-ass clothing type things, and flip through Makeout Creek while you're at it. Thanks, Nebraskans! You're the best!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Makeout Goes Fast!

We also get around.

In any case, we're very happy to announce a new home at Velocity Comics at 904 W Broad St in Richmond, VA. GO THERE IT'S A COOL PLACE I KINDA CAN'T BELIEVE THEY LET US IN.

Also: it's the number one place in Richmond to buy Mark of the Damned, which you probably want to do at some point. (Like, take a peek at the still above!)

It's Finally Happened

Makeout Creek and Saffron Burrows, together at last.

Remember that scene in Deep Blue Sea where the only way Saffron Burrows can defeat the genetically-enhanced supershark is by taking off her clothes? Now that's filmmaking!