Friday, November 20, 2009

Titus, Poteat, Svalina: Go!!!

So right now it's just turned Friday and you're probably all, "Whoo-hoo it's Fuh-ryyyyy-day, beeeotch!" And with good reason. But, listen, we all know the truth. This euphoria fades. In three short days you're going to be all, "Sheeeeeeeeeeeit. It's Monday." Makeout Creek is here to propose a remedy. On Monday, November 23, poets Allison Titus, Joshua Poteat and Mathias Svalina will be celebrating the releases of their newest books with a reading party at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond, VA. If you've ever read the masthead on Makeout Creek (hell, if you've ever read this blog), then you know that Allison and Joshua are editors at our little publication. They're also amazing writers and we couldn't be prouder of 'em. Also: we have it on good authority that this Mathias is one hell of a poet. Plus the dang thing's co-sponsored by our friends at Chop Suey Books. So come on out, everybody! Afterwards, maybe we'll even hit $2 draughts at Ipanema?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Titus's Ship Now Available to Order

Makeout Creek editor Allison Titus's new book of poetry, Sum of Every Lost Ship, is now available for pre-order from It's being published by Cleveland State University, where Allison was a finalist in the 2008 CSU Poetry Center Contest. Go ahead and order one, why don't you? We're biased, sure, but trust us: this is one good book. You'll be doing yourself a solid.

Check Turley's Hook (While the DJ Revolves It)

Ben Turley is a good friend of ours here at Makeout Creek, and until recently he worked as a butcher at Marlow & Daughters in Brooklyn, New York. It was there that he laid the charm on Martha Stewart and friend:

And the funny thing is, before that clip even aired, Ben flew the coop from the Marlow Girls. He's currenty starting his own store with butcher Tom Mylan and partner Brent Young. It's called the Meat Hook, and -- New Yorkers! -- it opens this week as part of the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs. Check out their blog for more information. There's also a brief New York Times piece here.

Congratulations, Ben! We're proud of ya! As Martha says, "So lucky to have a real butcher taking care of this beautiful meat!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Walls of Academia Are Surely Shuddering

Ho-lee cow. Amazing news! Thanks to the kind efforts of Archival Assistant Gay AcompaƱado, the first three issues of Makeout Creek have been added to the Special Collections and Archives of the James Branch Cabell Library at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

What does this mean? Simple: if you've contributed work to Makeout Creek numbers 1-3, then that work of yours is archived and shall be preserved in published form at the Cabell Library. Forever. Or until society collapses, whichever comes first. It's the kind of honor not often bestowed on a young magazine, and it pretty much blows our minds. Rest assured that, now that we're hooked up, we'll certainly attempt to force future issues of this thing into their hands.

Say, want to know more about the Richmond author for whom the library is named? He was a pretty racy fellow. Special Collections and Archives has an extensive overview of his career here.

Makeout at Zine Fest RVA

Again, one of those things we should have told you before it happened. (What, we've probably done that ten times now?) In any case: your scatterbrained friend Makeout Creek spent yesterday livin' it up and making friends at the 2009 Richmond Zine Fest. Above, the proof: our table covered in glorious shining issues of Makeout Creek. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to take a look, and especially to those folks who picked up copies—our supply was nearly depleted by the time we rolled out of there!

Below, our friend Oura and family at his table, plus Zine Fest organizer/angel Liz Canfield. When not making some fantastic something every day, Mr. Oura assures us he's hard at work on the cover for Makeout Creek 4. Then (hold onto your hats!) find Eric Miller at his table hawkin' Mark of the Damned, which, if you haven't seen it... oh, man, y'all. You better just check it out.