Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Press for the MC

Last week, during our exile, Richmond, VA's Brick Weekly published a short piece on the creation and continued existence of Makeout Creek. They don't seem to be updating their website, so hopefully the grainy iPhone picture above will give you a sense of things? In any case, thank you to Brick and to author Jon Sealy for the nice article -- and especially for validating our favorite turn of phrase (we use it as the title for our website) by printing it in really, really big letters!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Makeout Creek Expands Into Buffalo, Portland

Hi, folks. Thanks to the tireless efforts of MC contributors Pir Rothenberg (Issue Three's "Things In Boxes") and William Foster (Issue One's "Reconstituted Bees" & "Sea Cave Tragedy"), Makeout Creek can now be found in Buffalo, NY and Portland, OR!

We's expanding buy four -- count 'em, four -- stores!


Rust Belt Books
202 Allen St.

Second Reader Book Shop
1419 Hertel Ave

Talking Leaves... Books
3158 Main St


Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak St

Thanks very much to these excellent stores and especially to Will and Pir for doing the legwork! For a complete list of stores selling Makeout Creek, look to your right on this here blog page, or visit our storefront.

Makeout Creek is about to end its exile in Maine, and will get to work ASAP on finding New York City stores to replace the one we lost. Check back here for more details...

Makeout Creek

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear New Yorkers

We seem to have lost our retail location in your fair state. We sure aren't happy about it. But have no fear: we were already at work on new locations in New York City and Buffalo. We'll keep you updated as these get settled.

In the meantime, if you're in New York and you've got an itch to buy an issue of Makeout Creek, please make sure to visit our website.

Yrs Sincerely,